ISR Designs & Reyes/West

Putting a new spin and twist on design

Living Room design by ISR

We are a residential and commercial design firm that services the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Dining area with crystal chandelier

Our Brand

We believe that the client design concept/vision must shine through when we are designing any interior space. Color psychology is also very important to us and our design team. The color of furnishings, materials, and lighting of an interior space can set the entire mood and overall feel of an area.


Meet the Designers

We are three male designers in the valley working together with experience and expertise in many different areas within the interior design industry. We have the unique ability to serve all different types of backgrounds, styles, and stages in life.
Our team is educated in the interior design industry, and we stay current on the latest trends that hit the market so our clients do not miss out on a unique opportunity for an interior masterpiece.

Sam Reyes headshot

Sam Reyes

Allied ASID, Owner of ISR Designs, REYES/WEST Interior Design Team

F. Christopher West headshot

F. Christopher West

Allied ASID, President IFDA Arizona, WEST INTERIORS + DESIGN / REYES/WEST Interior Design Team

Bryce Carter Headshot

Bryce Carter

Interior Designer, Student ASID & IFDA, Bachelors of Science in Interior Design



Why Choose Us​

Residential Interior​ Design

We love working with anyone, including homeowners, renters, landlords, etc., who would like to embark on an interior design journey with us, and to make your design visions become your design reality.​​


Before we implement your design concept/model we take pride in our 3-D rendering options available to all. We have the ability to show the client what the finished product could look like from a 3-D standpoint. This gives our clients a better idea of what their beautiful end product will be.

Commercial Interior​ Design

Commercial design is something that not only serves the owner of the building but all patrons using the facilities of a public space. We cannot wait to become a part of your commercial design process.

Custom Artwork/Furniture

We offer digital art, oil/acrylic paintings on canvas, and mixed media artwork giving you a one of a kind piece. We also have sub contract employees who can build and design any piece of furniture with precision and accuracy.



What Our Clients Say​

Here are a few testimonials from our customers commenting on the work we’ve done to transform their spaces.